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The Batten Kill is a river that rises in the mountains of southwestern Vermont, flowing past villages, farms, and forests on its way to the Hudson River near Greenwich, New York. The valley is renowned for its historic New England charm, natural beauty, trout fishing, and, of course, its running.

 Club membership has many benefits, among them discounts at all our club races, subscription to the always informative and entertaining club newsletter, The Batten Kill Valley Runner, weekly group training and fun runs at interesting locations around the region, and various other special events. Mostly we offer the opportunity to meet some really nice people who share an interest in running.

 We are a diverse group of runners - individuals and families, fast and not so fast, laid back and serious - but all sharing a love for the sport and for the beautiful valley that we're named for. As of April 2001, the Batten Kill Valley Runners members resided in eight states, with 2/3 living in Vermont.

  Join us on one of our weekly runs. Everyone is welcome. Run with the gazelles or join Jim on the B-team; there will always be someone there for you to run with.

  Maybe you'll even want to call yourself a Batten Kill Valley Runner. Imagine what that will do for your social status (and you'll get the newsletter and race discounts, too)!

  Current Officers:

President:Jack Quinn
Vice-President:Mark Kelsey
Secretary:Judy Adams
Treasurer:Anita Gabalski
Board of Directors:Laurie Johnson
Todd Jones
John Pelton
Charles Thayer
Len Kotler
Mark Kelsey
Jim Sullivan
Other Staff:
Newsletter Editor:Jack Quinn,


Consider joining us! You'll have a great time, and we can always use your help! Membership benefits include:

  • Registration discounts for all of the BKVR's club races:
    • Manchester Winter Carnival 5K
    • Bennington Road Races (3.8M/10K)
    • Loyalty Day 5K Race
    • Batten Kill Road Races (5K/12K)
    • Moonlight in Vermont 4 Mile Midnight Run
    • Maple Leaf Half Marathon
    • Running of the Turkeys (5K)
  • Subscription to the Batten Kill Valley Runner newsletter
  • Weekly training runs
  • Many other fun events with a great bunch of friendly folks!

Annual Membership: $15 for an individual or the entire family. Checks payable to Batten Kill Valley Runners.

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Telephone: _________________________________________

Mail to: Batten Kill Valley Runners ~ PO Box 584 ~ Arlington, VT 05250

Send e-mail to or call 802/375-2813 for additional information

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