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  Well it's that time of year again, winter... Of course it is also holiday time, so we should think of making the best of both seasons. I previously discussed ways to deal with the winter weather and walking (treadmills, malls, etc), however we all know that there is nothing like the real thing: outdoor walking. Sometimes it is impossible due to the weather, but often, even in the depths of winter, it is manageable. Of course we should avoid slosh and poor ground conditions. One pleasant way to deal with the cold during the holiday season is to take a "Holiday" walk. Mark your route so you pass as many holiday displays and attractive seasonal scenes as possible. Wear layered clothing (avoid cotton next to your body if possible as it holds moisture). If it's windy, go out into the wind and have it behind you on the way back. Plan a couple of refuges on your walk, and take a few more minutes for your pre and post walk stretches. You do stretch don't you??? I generally walk in the mornings, but in the winter I often wait until the afternoon when it's warmer.

  If you're one of those folks whose only time to work out is after dark or very early in the morning when the sun isn't up yet, follow simple precautions, light or reflective clothing, face traffic and so forth. It really does make a difference to the drivers if you face traffic. Use sun screen and face protectors. Don't be deceived, the sun can affect you as well as the cold on your skin. And again, reward yourself. Your favorite Latte and/or a hot bath sounds good.

  This spring the BKVR will have their new clothing line. All of the clothing will be available with the NEWS logo on it as well. It would be nice to be seen at events and workouts with our own identity.

  Please keep me posted if you become aware of walking events this year. I would like to post it and pass it on to all of our members.

  CONGRATULATIONS to Dianna Ingison for completing the Bermuda Marathon in 6:20. Not only did she do well as a walker, she raised over $4,000 for Cancer research.....Way to go Dianna!!!!!

  Whatever holiday you are celebrating, I hope it is a joyous and healthy time for you and your family.

by Stanley Feingold