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If you don't live in Woodford, Vermont, you're probably unaware that snow comes earlier and stays later than almost anywhere else in the state of Vermont. The Batten Kill Valley Runners Club has staged snowshoe races in Woodford when there was bare ground in towns like Wilmington and Bennington, a mere ten miles away. The annual "I Love Woodford" snowshoe race will be on Monday, December 26th this year. The race takes place at 10:30 AM on the three mile nature trail that goes around Adams Reservoir in Woodford State Park, Rte 9, Woodford, 10 miles east of Bennington.

"Woodford" is the first of an 18 race snowshoe series this winter, sponsored by Dion Snowshoes of North Bennington. Entry forms, the race series calendar, and sign up for rental racing snowshoes to fit your running shoes are all at

The race has been dubbed "the run for the dough," because The Vermont Bread Company gives each of the first 100 runners a loaf of bread as he / she crosses the finish line. Smart runners don't stop here. Black bean soup, coffee, Mrs. Murphy's Donuts, and fresh bagels from The Manchester Vermont Bagel Works are waiting back in the parking lot as well as friendly WMAC snowshoe runners who will talk your ear off about past races and the upcoming winter snowshoe series. The teenagers working at the race are all members of the MAUHS Nordic ski team.

Comments from runners:

"The weather was probably as perfect as you could ask for at a first outing. Not windy, not too cold, but the snow was fresh and powdery. It felt crisp and clean and magical."

"It was a great bonus to know I could rent a pair of snowshoes and have them professionally fitted at the race. The folks with Dion Snowshoes couldn't have been nicer or more helpful with introducing me to this new sports equipment. Snowshoes don't feel as awkward as I thought they might. This new generation (the snowshoes, not the Dions) really is streamlined and high tech."

"It definitely made a convert out of me that day. It was far less demanding, coordination-wise, than cross country skiing, but the physical workout was top notch and much more interesting and uplifting than a simple winter run. Thanks Woodford, I love you, too!"

One more thing. Every year we collect tee shirts, shoes, sneakers, sandals, and snowshoes in all sizes and condition to give to those in need. Your contribution from the back of your closet at "I Love Woodford" will put you in a drawing for prizes donated by Eastern Mountain Sports of Manchester, Vt.

This annual race could be a fund raiser in future years for your non-profit organization. Find out more by contacting Woodford director Jack Quinn (802-375-9655)

Submitted by Jack Quinn 802-375-9655