Batten Kill Valley Runners
Batten Kill Valley Runners
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 Distance  Steady Pace Time  Distance Adjusted Time 
1 kilometer0:000:00
1 mile0:000:00
2 mile0:000:00
3 mile0:000:00
5 kilometer0:000:00
3.5 mile0:000:00
4 mile0:000:00
5 mile0:000:00
6 mile0:000:00
10 kilometer0:000:00
12 kilometer0:000:00
15 kilometer0:000:00
10 mile0:000:00
20 kilometer0:000:00
Half Marathon0:000:00
15 miler0:000:00
25 kilometer0:000:00
30 kilometer0:000:00
20 mile0:000:00
1 Marathon0:000:00
Distance:     Time:    
Distances with a lower case "m" suffix or none at all are interpreted as miles. A "k" suffix is to denote kilometers, and an upper case "M" suffix for Marathons. Time format: hh:mm:ss or mm:ss.\n