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  Pace Calculator

  The BKVR Pace Calculator will calculate a predicted time at many common race distances for you based on a time you provide for another distance. The paces returned are shown in two columns; the first shows if you could maintain the same pace regardless of the distance run, the second is adjusted for distance and is a much better predictor of times for other distances.
Distances with a lower case "m" suffix or none at all are interpreted as miles. A "k" suffix is to denote kilometers, and an upper case "M" suffix for Marathons.

Use 5k for 5 kilometers,
or 0.5M for a half marathon,
or 4 for 4 miles,
or 1.5k for 1500 meters.

Time: Time format: hh:mm:ss or mm:ss

Use 21:30 for 21 minutes & 30 seconds
or 3:12:42 for 3 hours, 12 minutes & 42 seconds.

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